Monday, October 17, 2005

Why, Indeed?

Ralph Kostant shares the following tale of tears and outrage:

This is a photo of Matat Adler, at her wedding three months ago. Today, she was buried in Har Menuchot (Mountain of Rest) Cemetery in Jerusalem, along with her cousin, Kineret Mandel, 23. They and a 14-year old boy, Oz Yisrael Ben Meir, were murdered Sunday afternoon by Palestinian terrorists, who gunned them down at a hitchhikers’ station, wounding five other Israelis. The car carrying the terrorists reportedly parked near the station, waited for a crowd to gather, and then opened fire. The Al Aksa Brigade, a terrorist militia, claimed credit. Although PA President Mahmoud Abbas (at least in English) condemned the attack, the Al Aksa Brigate is affiliated with his Fatah political party. Israel, at the urging of the United States and the Palestinian Authority, recently lifted security road blocks throughout the West Bank. That relaxation of security may well have allowed this murderous attack to occur. Why does the United States repeatedly insist that Israel take such “confidence-building measures” that facilitate terrorism and endanger Israeli lives? Why does today’s Los Angeles Times obscenely describe these cowardly attackers of unarmed civilians as “militants”?

Ralph B. Kostant


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