Thursday, September 15, 2005

What The Islamofascists Are Saying

CENTCOM's web site regularly posts unedited translations of statements by the terrorists in Iraq. I recommend a browse through the whole thing.

Here's a snippet:

Investigator: Is this Jihad - raping women? Is this Jihad?
Abed: It is because they collaborated with the Americans.
Investigator: That's why they were raped?
Abed: Yes.
Investigator: A student, who is simply going to her university, is kidnapped, raped, and then slaughtered?! This was an American collaborator?!
Abed: Mullah Al-Raikan would give the names to the squad commander.
Investigator: My information says that they were kidnapped and brought to Mullah Al-Raikan's headquarters. True or false?
Abed: He would interrogate them.
Investigator: Were they raped after the interrogation?
Abed: Yes. He would give them to the squad, and they would kill them. Some would rape them.
Investigator: You bastards. This is Jihad? You call this Jihad?
Investigator 2: What was your role in these operations?
Abed: I would stand at the entrance to the headquarters. It was a house, and they would bring them there.
Investigator 2: Did you participate in the rape and murder?
Abed: No. Just one who worked for the PUK. She was a Kurd.
Investigator: In the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan?
Abed: Yes. We brought her too.
Investigator: And you raped her?
Abed: Yes.
Well, it was "just one." Not a big deal. And only a Kurd, after all. I suppose he thinks the Almighty will not mind.

And another:

Al-Iraqiya TV

Investigator: Did you rape anyone?
Abed: Only one, a relative of mine.
Investigator: A relative of yours. You kidnapped her and raped her?
Abed: No, we did not kill her.
Investigator: You didn't kill her, only raped her?
Abed: Yes.
Investigator: You have some nerve...

Again, if it was only one, and she was a mere relative, I guess that makes it something other than an atrocity, at least in that monster's mind.

These people have no honor.


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