Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Stanley Tillinghast, M.D. - Another Katrina Physician Hero

Dr. Tillinghast On-Site, with Halita Jones

Now, for a change, here's something Katrina-related that is simply fun and uplifting to read. It's a blog called Dr. Goodheart, by Stanley Tillinghast, M.D., who I understand is a retired cardiologist from Davis, California. Here's the good doctor's introduction of himself on his blog. See if it draws you in the way it did me:

"I am a clinical cardiologist, but with special training and interest in preventive cardiology—the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. Years ago the great cholesterol tsunami had not yet hit. To encourage patients and physicians to think about heart disease prevention, I invented a semi-autobiographical cartoon character, Stanley Goodheart, to explain in verrrry clear terms why I thought this was important. Now I’ve brought back Stanley as Dr. Goodheart—not because my heart is pure but because I want everyone’s heart to be healthy. But Dr. Goodheart also represents the irrepressible urge to make things right, which can lead us down some interesting but strange paths. We’ll start where we are now, with what nature has dealt us this month, September 2005. Katrina, here we come!"
Read Dr. Tillinghast's posts. You'll feel better about humanity.


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