Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Is Post-Katrina "Environmental Derangement Syndrome" on The Horizon?

Laer at Cheat Seeking Missiles has an interesting bit of investigative blogging today. Among other things, Laer anticipates issues that lefty environmentalists may raise in the wake of Katrina. He also catches an EPA official lying on a talk radio show. (Or, if the official's not lying, he is exposed as woefully uninformed and without any credibility whatsoever. I wonder if he can be fired? The guy will probably claim whistleblower status.)

So far, Katrina has been the left's Christmas tree-- and they keep hanging ornaments on it. Kyoto, racial discrimination, class warfare, slavery, the Iraq war, tax cuts, even the Supreme Court vacancies-- the Democrats have used the hurricane and its aftermath to invoke all of these. Why shouldn't garden variety environmental boobery be next?


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