Friday, September 09, 2005

An Unbelieveable Design for A Flight 93 Memorial

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for making this photo available. It is the Flight 93 Memorial design:

It was unveiled this morning. As Michelle asks, "Remind you of anything?"

It gets better: The design is titled "The Crescent of Embrace."

They have got to be kidding.

Michelle has much more on this; so do Captain's Quarters and PoliPundit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does this design get picked out of over a thousand other ones??? This design was just one of over a thousand proposals, and clearly this architect's design does have symbolic overtones that cannot be rationally dismissed.
However, let's not blame the architect, RATHER.... BLAME THE IDIOTS [AND POWERS THAT BE] WHO PICKED THIS DESIGN OUT OF A THOUSAND OTHER ONES!!! Coincidence??????? As an American, I am utterly ashamed and we Americans need to make those who picked this design personally accountable. 

Posted by Martian

Thursday, September 15, 2005 1:19:00 PM  

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