Thursday, August 11, 2005

Power Line News: The Shape of Things to Come?

Lately I have been wishing that there were an online site that would allow me to find a good, quick summary of news and commentary. I rarely pick up a newspaper anymore, unless I am about to get on an airplane and need some reading material. Otherwise, I look for news online.

The problem has been that although there's plenty of commentary available (primarily blogs), news sites are not that great. Fox News and MSNBC are pretty hucksterish (reading them is like reading on-air promo ads). The Wall Street Journal has a news page but it is fairly stuffy. Other MSM newspaper pages are, well, like reading the MSM papers, but online. Yahoo! and its imitators are simply AP feeds online.

Enter Power Line News. I have to hand it to Paul, Scott, and John: They've taken the next step in leading the blogosphere forward. The new site opens the world up to you. You can find links to major newspapers all over the world, simply by clicking on a world map. Links to major blogs (including that of my blogfather, Hugh Hewitt) are there. The news links are not narrow or ideological-- Reuters is there, so are BBC, MSNBC, and CNN (among others). Worldwide government news services are linked as well. It all looks just great. I will be visiting daily!


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