Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Morning Musings, April 9, 2005


Okie on The World In General

Dale at Okie on The Lam has in interesting post on General Motors, the L.A. Times, and the American automotive industry generally.

Okie also has a regular series on his dad's letters to his mom during WWII. In this age of instantaneous communication it's good to recall the longing we once had for news from home. I remember well living far from my loved ones during the 1970's, and how much my companions and I lived for our twice-weekly trips to the post office to pick up mail.

Lawsuit Shenanigans Exposed

Laer at favorite site Cheat-Seeking Missiles tells us a little more about this social phenomenon, urged on by some of my fellow lawyers who seem to lack the capacity for shame.

A Time To Trim The GOP Sails Just A Little?

I wonder if David Brooks doesn't have a point:

. . . it may be time to think about methods. Public opinion is not always right, but it is always worth respecting. And the message the public seems to be sending these days is that there is a need for prudence. The world is risky enough. Leaders who want to change things had better not give off the impression that they love change for its own sake.
There's such a thing as overplaying one's hand.


By Dawn's Early Light has more details on Sgt. Paul Smith, the first Medal of Honor winner in the war on islamofascism. TenNapel and I had posted earlier on Sgt. Smith's exemplary life and his heroic and selfless sacrifice.

Why Do We Love Him?

Orson Scott Card beautifully expresses the love and admiration so many non-Catholic Christians have for Pope John Paul II. Excerpt:

Here is one simple truth, borne out by statistics over many decades and generations: The religions that demand of their members some real and rational degree of sacrifice, obedience, and adherence to faith are growing stronger and stronger; while the ones that say, in effect, that you can do what you want and God doesn't expect much of us anymore, except to be vaguely nice - they are losing members rapidly.

Because if it doesn't matter what you do, then why would you bother to belong?

John Paul II, more than any other Pope, united, in feeling if not in fact, Christians who take the divine Redeemer seriously.


And Why Do Only Half of Us Love Him?

Victor Davis Hanson suggests that President Bush's approval ratings hover at 50% not because because of his failings, but because of his strengths: Bush is too courageous, resolute, and effective in foreign policy matters, and people thus expect the same level of effectiveness on domestic issues-- which require much more time and cooperation to solve than going to war does. Hanson focuses on "three critical issues that engage Americans Left and Right . . . long-term American financial strength, illegal immigration, and soaring energy prices . . . ."

It's an interesting thesis; read the whole thing!

Greatness of Heart

One last link: This has been on the Web for several days now, but in case you missed it, please read Roger Cohen's story about Karol Wojtyla's own quiet heroism at the end of World War II.


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