Thursday, November 04, 2004

TRUE NORTH by Sonja Eddings Brown

The American People Have Spoken

Early Tuesday morning, November 2, CNN caught a glimpse of an African American mother and her child, standing in line to vote . . . in the dark.

Most viewers probably didn't even notice the woman standing at the rear of a long line. But as she bent over to encourage her little one to be patient, I realized that the election was probably being decided right before my eyes.

Experienced political scientists would likely have identified the woman as an economically-challenged Kerry supporter showing up early to vote her pocketbook. As a mother, and not a political scientist, I felt like a lightning bolt the realization that she was probably willing to wait in the dark because she was voting with her heart.

The only thing more important to a mother than keeping her child from going hungry is protecting him from danger.

In uncertain times, by a convincing popular and electoral margin, America has chosen to put its trust in George W. Bush.

He didn't win because he is the best communicator the White House has ever seen.

He didn't win because the electorate is completely convinced that we should be pressing a war in Iraq.

He won because even Americans who don't agree with him, know that George Bush has his eye on the best interests of the country and will not hesitate to defend America.

It isn't going unnoticed that many groups, special interests and politicians who have made sport out of George Bush the past four years are now packing their bags. Americans not only re-elected George Bush by a large margin, they also gave him a healthy ruling majority on Capitol Hill. These are acts of confidence, not coincidence.

Washington insiders, the national media, Hollywood, and fast-spending millionaire lobbyists should take note of the following:

The public spotted your gang war against the President and they were not fooled by it.

In general, Americans are just as happy if actors act, and singers just sing.

American voters in at least 11 states don't want the judiciary changing the fabric of America or the fundamental family without their say so.

The heartland is going to continue voting each and every night. That loud click you'll hear at dinner time will be channels changing from the CBS Evening News to . . . anything else.

And that great patriot Michael Moore might as well take his 200 million dollar savings account from Fahrenheit 9-11 and make workout tapes, because his days of misinforming the public . . . are over.

The deafening roar we have endured coming from self-interested politicians, movie stars, money-grubbing authors, the media and others, has paused for a moment.

And the voice we now hear is our own.

Sonja Eddings Brown


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sonja, God forbid one of your three children tell you they are gay! Statistics show that homophobic people have fears of possibly being a homosexual. Why are you so driven about the issue of same sex marriage? Signed, a heterosexual licensed therapist

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 6:28:00 PM  

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