Friday, October 29, 2004

Why Bush Supporters Can Take Heart, And Why The Democrats And The Old Media Are Desperate


The first thing all Bush supporters need to do is take a look at this web site, which lays out the latest Battleground Poll tracking numbers. Battleground is one of the most reliable polls, historically. Bush is doing very, very well in every important category.

That is why we are seeing this kind of activity:

  1. First, the coordinated New York Times-CBS "late hit" on the Al Qaqaa explosives story, which appears not to be much of a story at all. Power Line has an interesting summary of that one here.
  2. Kerry seizes on the story and runs with it while the ink is still fresh on the New York Times.
  3. To educated observers, he looks foolish. There's no telling who it plays with voters who can't or won't take the time to investigate further. Kerry's own national security adviser admists that no one knows what happened to the explosives or when they were taken from the site.
  4. "60 Minutes" of CBS acknowledges that it planned to run the Al Qaqaa story Sunday night, October 31, two days before the election, when no one would have had time to verify anything about the now-discredited story.
  5. Then the FBI announces it is investigating Haliburton's no-bid contracts. Here's that story.
  6. Kerry seizes on the story while the ink is still fresh on the New York Times.
  7. ABC News goes all breathless over a piece of videotape one of its affiliates shot at Al Aqaa while embedded with the military. Supposedly the video shows something that looks like the kind of weapons that were later missing, although there's no telling what it really is or how much is there.
  8. John Edwards says, at a rally in Davenport, Iowa, "You cannot stand with Halliburton, big oil companies and the Saudi royal family and still stand up for the American people." Are these the words of a campaign that feels it is on the way to victory?
  9. Scott Lindlaw, a well-known anti-Bush writer for the AP, lovingly details what he considers the spate of bad news dogging President Bush in the final days of the campaign. That's here, if you are in the mood to read a hit piece.

We all knew that things would get wild in the final days. If you want to understand why the other side is flailing this way, just look at the Battleground numbers. If I were they, I'd feel a little desperate too.

Now, things may change in the final days; they did last time (remember the DUI?). But right now there's every reason to be encouraged and to get that vote out! Go here and sign up for the 72-hour effort!


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