Monday, November 15, 2004

A Comprehensive Catalogue of Old Media Bias

When you have five minutes, go here and scroll through a growing catalogue of "left-leaning bias in MSM media coverage." The blog is called Cheat Seeking Missiles, and Hugh Hewitt plugged it on his show today. The author has (at this writing) 132 examples. A randomly-selected excerpt:

Coverage of the Bush-bashing Paul O'Neill book, the first of many launched on 60 Minutes, when O'Neill claimed that W made plans to invade Iraq immediately after his inauguration. CBS neglected to mention that their affiliate, Simon and Schuster, was the publisher, as was the case with the case with the Clark book. The press neglected to mention that contingency plans are regularly done by all
Presidents, preferring to give the impression that Bush was an out-of-control,
crazy cowboy war monger.

Also, here is a fascinating photo essay (with audio narration - turn your sound up!) about the assault on Fallujah. Hat tip, again, to Cheat Seeking Missiles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contrast CBS' reaction to the producer who broke into CSI NY's Wednesday broadcast to announce the death of Arafat vs Rather's 60 minutes II debacle regarding the charges that GWB got special treatment in the Texas Air nat'l Guard. The CSI interrupting producer has been fired, CBS stating he was reckless. CBS launched an investigation into the Rather mess and has still not come forward with an action agaisnt 60 minutes.

Interestingly enough truth is stranger than fiction. 

Posted by cooper

Tuesday, November 16, 2004 9:52:00 AM  

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