Monday, November 08, 2004

A Few Excellent Thoughts


Victor Davis Hanson in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Television commentators Walter Cronkite, Bill Moyers, Andy Rooney or Ted
Koppel have morphed from their once sober and judicious personas into highly
partisan figures that now carry political weight among most Americans only to
the degree that they harm any cause or candidate with whom they are associated.
Readers do not just disagree with spirited columns by a Molly Ivins, Paul
Krugman or Maureen Dowd, but rather are turned off when they revert to hysterics and condescension. To the degree that the messages, proposals or endorsements of a delinquent like Ben Affleck, an incoherent Bruce Springsteen, or a reprobate
like Eminem were comprehensible, John Kerry should have run from them all.

From a story in the Chicago Tribune about Democratic Chicago Mayor Daley's review of the presidential election:

"I think there is political change in this country," Daley said. "You talk
about Roosevelt. You talk about Kennedy. And you have to talk about Bush. You
have to give credit to his discipline, to the message he stayed on line. People
made fun. They underestimated him all the time. He showed them all."

"Elitists" in the Democratic Party in Washington have underestimated the
religious right, Daley said.

"They don't like people who have different beliefs than they do, who maybe
read the Bible, read the Koran. ... They were shoved out, not to be

And the mayor decried the "hatred" on both sides of the campaign, fingering
at one point billionaire financier George Soros, a Kerry supporter who funded
anti-George Bush ads.

"A lot of one-issue people," Daley said. "When I see a guy like George Soros
spending $33 million--why doesn't he get a life and give money for scholarships?
Why doesn't he get a life and give money to [poor] people in communities? Just
because you hate one individual--I really worry about that."

Sounds like a Democrat trying to position himself. Or maybe he's just being honest.


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