Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wednesday Morning


Martin Peretz, Editor of the New Republic, has a stinging rebuke of John Kerry in today's Wall Street Journal. (The Journal is a pay site.) An excerpt:

But the problem is that many Democrats have a downright hostile attitude to
the flag, to patriotism itself, which is thought by some in the party to be a
retrograde sentiment. And they have, at best, a queasy disposition towards
religion. To tell the truth, it gives many of them the creeps. You can't really
do much with that, can you?

I am surrounded by people at my law firm who fit this description to a "T."

Meanwhile, RealClearPolitics has the most compelling and balanced analysis of the election I have seen yet. John McIntyre concludes:

This brings us back full circle to how devastating to liberals that 135,000
vote margin in the Buckeye state will be to the future course of this country.
Was this a mandate or a landslide for President Bush? No. But it was one of the
most consequential elections in this nation's history, the ramifications of
which will be felt for decades. And behind all the vitriol, blather and
post-election spin; that sick feeling among Democrats is because they know this
to be true.

John Hughes, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, agrees: "It will be [Bush's] last presidential term, and it's going to be a doozy."


Left-wing blogger Norm Geras at Normblog asks an interesting and honest question of his fellow liberals.


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