Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Best Post-Debate Summary And Analysis Yet

Mark Steyn has it here. In essence, he says Bush blew the debate but still has the best case to make for winning the election. He also recounts, in a friendly manner, some of the president's maddening tendencies. (At least I find them maddening.)

I agree with Steyn. I hope Bush rebounds like he did in the 2000 primaries when he realized the nomination was not going to be handed to him.

Candidly, I am disappointed in the president. He let down. Karen Hughes has said that when he is feeling his oats he does not take advice well, and that he needs a "jolt" to get serious. Well, he's got his jolt and it looks like the same old story is unfolding once again. At least I hope so.

Come on, W., this is your last political race. Keep running until you hit the tape!


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