Sunday, October 03, 2004

"The Fourth Rail" And Kerry's Anti-Nuke Position

An excellent blog called "The Fourth Rail" comments as follows:

Note to John Kerry: a double standard concerning the possession of nuclear
weapons does exist. We are America, we are morally better than nations such as
Iran and North Korea, we can be trusted to act responsibly with our nuclear
arsenal, and our possession and development of bunker busting nukes in no way
spurs the development of nukes by other nations. Iran and North Korea (plus
Pakistan, India and Israel) developed nuclear weapons programs for their own
national interests, not in reaction to our arsenal. Is the development of bunker
busters going to cause Iran to want nukes even more? Who is kidding whom?
America is not a proliferator of nuclear weapons, as he implies in his
statement. John Kerry has always
opposed America’s nuclear deterrence
, as evidenced by his opposition to the
deployment of Pershing missiles in Europe in response to the Soviet’s movement
of nukes into Eastern Europe. John Kerry indicates that he does not trust
America’s ownership of nuclear weapons. He is shortsighted on the need for
bunker busting nukes as well, as there may be a real military need in the
future. Example: what if al Qaeda comes into possession of nuclear weapons,
perhaps even ICBM based, and has the ability to hide and launch them from deep
underground. Wouldn’t the option of having a bunker busting nuke to take out
this threat be a blessing instead of a curse? Or should we have to go to the
United Nations and take the “global test” to develop the needed weapons?

The Fourth Rail's other comments on Kerry's statements in the foreign policy debate are also excellent. Read the whole thing!


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