Tuesday, July 20, 2004

One More Nail in Joseph Wilson's Political Coffin; And Some Uncomfortable Questions The White House Needs To Ask Itself

Today's Opinion Journal succinctly summarizes Mr. Wilson's falsehoods.  Read it here.
There may be a lot of Democrat spinning about this story, so I urge every conservative to read this piece carefully in order to understand and remember clearly what Wilson did.  I, for one, will be watching to see if Tim Russert does something to make up for the three (count 'em!) appearances he gave Wilson on "Meet The Press" back when Wilson was the darling of the anti-Bush crowd.  (Notice: I didn't call them "anti-war.")
Still and all, President Bush ought to spend a minute or two thinking about these questions:
1.  How on earth did a Democrat partisan like Wilson get assigned such a sensitive task as investigating the Iraq-Niger connection?  This was the question Robert Novak was asking way back when-- and someone in the White House explained that Wilson's wife, who works for the CIA, recommended him.  That, my friends, was how this all started:  The White House was trying to explain an embarrassing political blunder.  I hope they learn from this debacle to make such assignments more carefully.
2.  Why did the White House apologize so quickly for the "sixteen words" in President Bush's State of the Union speech that now have been proven accurate?  I suspect they simply panicked and did not have a full grasp of what had happened, which is understandable under the circumstances-- they were overwhelmed by a chorus of the news media and the Democrats, all singing (screaming?) in unison.  But I hope they will think twice the next time  such a song arises.  Forgive me for saying this, but I wish the White House had waited until the fat lady sang.


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