Monday, July 19, 2004

What Answers Do The Troops In Iraq Have for Andy Rooney's Questions?

This is interesting.  Robert Alt is in Iraq and asked the troops about Andy Rooney's five questions from some weeks ago.   He shares their answers here.
Here are Andy Rooney's five (very patronizing) questions:
"Do you think your country did the right thing sending you into Iraq?"
"Are you doing what America set out to do to make Iraq a democracy, or have we failed so badly that we should pack up and get out before more of you are killed?"
"Do the orders you get handed down from one headquarters to another, all far removed from the fighting, seem sensible, or do you think our highest command is out of touch with the reality of your situation?"
"If you could have a medal or a trip home, which would you take?"
"Are you encouraged by all the talk back home about how brave you are and how everyone supports you?"
You'll be interested in and impressed by the soldiers' answers.  I wonder what Rooney would think about those answers?  In fact, I wonder if he really cares.


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