Monday, July 19, 2004

The Joe Wilson Story Just Keeps On Getting Better (But Hard To Find These Days in The Old-Line News Media)

The Opinion Journal section of the Wall Street Journal publishes a daily service called "Best of the Web Today."  (You can subscribe free; I highly recommend it.)  Today's edition produces a terrific summary of Mr. Wilson's unraveling story, including links to his attempted rebuttal in the Washington Post (that's here) and to a piece by the Post's own ombudsman the very next day, rebutting Wilson's claims of inaccuracy (that's here).  Ouch!  The Weekly Standard's summary is careful, thorough, and absolutely devastating.  If you can find 5-10 minutes to read it, you'll be glad you did.  (You'll also be angry at the very credulous news media we have.)
Meanwhile, just for laughs, visit Joe Wilson's web site here.  This is a man who takes himself very, very seriously!  But with a name like Joseph C. Wilson, IV, what can we expect?  The Senate Intelligence Committee Report that inflicts such wounds on Wilson's credibility came out July 7, 2004, but there are no entries on Wilson's web site after June 24, 2oo4. 
Oddly enough!



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