Friday, July 02, 2004

I hope I'm Wrong, But I Doubt We'll See Much about This in the News Media


In this AP report, Polish soldiers discuss finding missiles and mortar rounds whose "warheads all contained cyclosarin, multinational force commander Polish Gen. Mieczyslaw Bieniek said."

"'Laboratory tests showed the presence in them of cyclosarin, a very toxic gas, five times stronger than sarin and five times more durable,' Bieniek told Poland's TVN24 at the force's Camp Babylon headquarters."

This is again a discovery of a small amount of chemical weaponry, so it won't get a lot of press attention. Even so, one wonders how much more of this stuff is lying around in Iraq. As the linked article notes, "If these warheads, which were still usable, were used on a military base like Camp Babylon, they would have caused unforeseeable damage."


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