Wednesday, June 30, 2004

An Editorial by A Well-Known Liberal That Is Worth Reading


I'm sure I have never said this before, but I must say that I agree with almost everything (almost) in this editorial by Nichlas Kristof of the New York Times. Back when conservatives were all over Bill Clinton like the proverbial cheap suit, I remember wincing from time to time as allegations and innuendoes went well beyond what I considered to be the real and demonstrable failings of Clinton's administration.

Now it seems that the liberals are even more out of control regarding President Bush than the conservatives were about Clinton. (No one was making wildly irresponsible movies about Slick Willie and becoming, as a result, the toast of the elite news media and the Cannes Film Festival.) Political discourse has truly taken a tumble down the road to coarseness and groundless attack. I happened to see some old footage on the History Channel from the 1960 presidential election, including the primary and convention stage, and I was struck by the high level of decorum and civility both sides showed. It's a shame we have lost that.


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