Thursday, July 01, 2004

Some Pretty Chilling Stuff Here


Reports are that Zarqawi is hoping to kidnap a female American soldier. Here's the chilling Washington Times story by Rowan Scarborough. Let's hope Zarqawi can be, well, neutralized before that happens.

And if, like some readers on the leftward side of the spectrum, you are willing to write off an entire news report simply because it appeared in the Washington Times, check this one out.

It is interesting and does seem to support the claim that Iraq has become an al-Quaeda "magnet," meaning that the war on islamofascism is being fought there and not here.

I love this quote from the captured document, addressing the possibility that a democratic government might be established in Iraq:

"This would be (for the US) the first step toward the eradication of hardline Islam in the entire world," it said.

Well, yes.


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