Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Bush War Room

Whatver you say, Senator Kerry, I'm hanging on every word!

Here's a twist: The Bush campaign has a rapid response system for dealing with John Kerry flip-flops or weird statements. This New York Times article tells the story.

I found this paragraph intriguing:

"[T]he war room is the nerve center of what Democrats, and some presidential scholars, have called the most relentlessly negative re-election campaign in memory - and what Republicans say is a necessarily energetic drive to hold Mr. Kerry to a record they say is rife with contradictions. On a daily basis, the assembled Republicans hope to pick new fights based on Mr. Kerry's most recent statements, and those from his past."

So Democrats call this a negative campaign? Because Bush's team is pounding them on the issues? What about Farenheit 9/11? The Radio City hate rally with Whoopi Goldberg et al? And so on. The binkered view of these people is truly amazing.

Anyway, I am glad Bush has a system in place. He has a great story to tell about his own presidency and about his challenger's record. Both need to be told.


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