Friday, July 09, 2004

What Would Be the Tone of A Kerry Administration? Some Clues . . .

On the left, one aging 60's rocker; on the right, one aging 60's politician. John Fogerty yuks it up with John Kerry.

Thanks to Powerline, I saw this article about the Kerry-Edwards fundraiser in New York City last night. Take a look; it tells us a lot about the kind of men Kerry and Edwards are. It also is a reminder of the kind of venom the Democrats are prepared to inject into the campaign.

To me, the most telling paragraphs in the piece are these:

"Kerry could be seen laughing uproariously during part of Goldberg's tirade - and neither he nor Edwards voiced a single objection to its tone when they spoke to the crowd.

"They hailed the fund-raiser as a great event.

"Edwards said it was 'a great honor' to be there and insisted, 'This campaign will be a celebration of real American values.'

"Kerry thanked all the performers for 'an extraordinary evening,' hailed the 'great producers' - Harvey Weinstein of Miramax and Jann Wenner - and said 'every performer tonight ... conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country.'

"Last fall, Howard Dean ran into a similar problem when a New York fund-raiser turned into a stream of ugly racist jokes and X-rated Bush-bashing - but Dean instantly came out and said he didn't like the tone of some of the jokes."

John Kerry, John Edwards: No class.

But it goes beyond class. Here's Hugh Hewitt's apt summary of the matter:

"This poison is not distributed evenly within the two parties. There is no Michael Moore, no John Mellencamp within the GOP fold. Sure there are partisans --I am one, and . . . I think the stakes are very high, and that the Democratic Party will cheat if it can, just as it has for two hundred years. And I think it is inevitable that the Democrats would mismanage the war on terror to such an extent as to leave us vulnerable to massive attacks.

"But I don't think Kerry and Edwards are murderers or thugs or treasonous plotters; and I don't know of any high profile Republican who thinks they are either, or that they are stupid oafs. It is true that Edwards has taken millions from plaintiffs' lawyers in a disturbing warning that his policies are very likely to favor this bunch of rascals and their job destroying and cost-exploding courtroom shakedowns, but no one is accusing Kerry or Edwards of making a personal fortune off of corrupt deals. In short, there is no counterpart within the GOP to this pulsating hate within the Democratic Party, its MoveOn subsidiary, or its Hollywood money headquarters."


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