Thursday, July 08, 2004

First Shot Against John Edwards by The President Himself; And A Devastating Dissection of Michael Moore's L.A. Times Editorial


George W. Bush impressed even his critics in 200 with his discipline as a candidate. It looks like he retains that skill. Take a look at this New York Times account. Mr. Bush "was told [that Edwards] is already being described as 'charming, engaging, a nimble campaigner, a populist and even sexy.'"

"Mr. Bush was ready with a one-liner: 'Dick Cheney can be president.'"

Ouch. In the past, claims of inexperience in the V.P. nominee seem not to have mattered (Nixon in 1952, Agnew in 1968, Quayle in 1988). But after 9/11 it seems to matter-- to me, at least. I have to believe the Kerry campaign did some polling on that question, but this will be interesting to watch just the same.

Turning to good old Michael Moore, James Lileks posts a devastating paragraph-by-paragraph critique of his recent L.A. Times editorial. It is clear that Moore is not a serious or careful thinker, and that is probably the most gentle critique one could offer. As others have said, Moore simply has "a flexible relationship with the truth."


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