Monday, July 12, 2004

A Devastating Critique of The "Mainstream News Media" (by a Democrat)

Orson Scott Card

Many science fiction fans know of Orson Scott Card, but most do not know he writes prolifically about many subjects. Here is his commentary published in today's Opinion Journal. (An earlier version had been published on the Web.) It is highly-recommended as perhaps the most compelling short analysis of the liberal bias in the news media that I have ever seen. Mr. Card is a Democrat, by the way, although I suspect he is in the more conservative wing of that party.

I haven't been too well acquainted with Mr. Card's fiction, but I have he does write lots of interesting commentary. Here's a sample:

"When Michael Moore in his recent propaganda film ridicules President Bush for continuing his session with schoolchildren for five whole minutes after hearing about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center, let's ask ourselves: What else should the President have done? Rushed from the room and frightened the children? Was he supposed to leap into an airplane and patrol the skies himself?

"Besides, it was not clear until fifteen minutes after the first crash that there was more than just one plane involved, and therefore that it was a terrorist attack.

"But what do we expect from Moore? He's a hero of the Left because he tells lies about the Right.

"If President Bush weren't such a good president, his enemies wouldn't have to lie about him outrageously in order to defeat him.

"And what does it say about America's intelligentsia that they would rather believe lies than admit that George W. Bush has been smarter, on the issues that matter, than they are?"

You can find the rest of the piece here.

For more information about Orson Scott Card, go here.


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