Sunday, April 08, 2012

NYT: Romney and Netanyahu are old Friends

An article published in today's New York Times reports that Mitt Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a friendship dating back 36 years, when they both worked as corporate advisors at the Boston Consulting Group. They have remained close, sharing meals in Jerusalem, Boston and New York.

According the the New York Times article, as summarized in the Jerusalem Post:
When Netanyahu wanted to incentivize pension funds to divest from Iran-connected businesses, Romney advised him on which US officials to go to. When Romney, as the Massachusetts governor, wanted to shrink his government’s size, Netanyahu suggested ideas from his personal experience, according to the report.
“We can almost speak in shorthand,” Romney said in an interview with the Times.
“We share common experiences and have a perspective and underpinning which is similar.”

While many of us would consider these revelations in the New York Times to be a strong positive for the candidacy of Mitt Romney, one suspects that the editorial board at the Old Gray Lady is aghast. Their preferred Presidential candidate, President Barak Obama, one will recall, has a very different sort of relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu. In one of his periodic "open microphone" gaffes, which seem to be the only way one discovers the real opinions of our President, Mr. Obama was heard to complain to French President Nicolas Sarkozy,"You are sick of him, but I have to work with him every day."

Somehow, to me at least, Governor Romney and Prime Minister Netanyahu seem to have the more mature working relationship. What do you think?


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