Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Donald Endorses the Mitt; Mitt Drops the Ball

Today in Las Vegas, Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for the office of President of the United States. It's a setback, but I still support Mitt.

Of far more concern is Mitt's tin ear for political speech, as evidenced by the now infamous "very poor" interview with Soledad O'Brien. Doesn't Mitt realize that the MSNBCs and Jon Stewarts of the world lie in wait for a Republican Presidential wannabe to make such a gaffe? This is like President George H.W. Bush's remark about a supermarket price scanner. It will be used by the Democrats ad infinitum between now and November to prove that Governor Romney is a wealthy out-of-touch patrician. Indeed, it is being used to that effect by Rick Santorum right now.

Mitt, you have got to do better if you are going to prevent President Obama from becoming the next Harry S. Truman. The very thought makes me Dewey-eyed, and that's not a good thing.


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