Sunday, February 19, 2012

Evidence of Voter Fraud Exists--If One Looks for it

A hot issue between Democrats and Republicans in recent years has been the question of requiring official identification, with a photograph, in order to vote. Republicans have pushed for such laws, arguing that they are necessary to prevent electoral fraud. The Democrats have countered that there is no evidence of wide-spread voting fraud, and that the Republicans use the issue as a ploy to discourage minorities and poor people from voting.

Perhaps the reason that there has been little evidence of fraud is that no one has looked for it. In Collier County, Florida, the local NBC affiliate examined local jury recusal forms, filed by persons called for jury service who responded that they could not serve because they were not U.S. citizens. NBC2 found nearly 100 names of registered voters who when called to jury service opted out, claiming that they were not citizens.

Keep in mind that this was just one county in Florida, and the registered voters in question all had been called for jury duty. Since persons summoned for jury service presumably represent only a small fraction of the total number of registered voters, the number of non-citizens on the voter rolls is most likely many times the number discovered by NBC2. Also, some non-citizens called to jury duty may have chosen to appear rather than sign a document certifying that they are not citizens.

What would happen if the Los Angeles Times conducted the same type of investigation in Los Angeles County? One can only imagine, but please do not hold your breath waiting for our home town newspaper to follow through.

(Hat tip: Paul Kujawsky.)


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