Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Loyal Opposition Congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama

The election is over. The people have spoken. The Hedgehog Blog congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama. As you declared in your victory speech in Chicago, upon your inauguration you will be our President as well as the President of those who voted for you. Our policy differences with you have not disappeared, but on this Blog our statements of those differences will be stated with the respect to which both you and your high office are entitled. Where our conscience and principles tell us that your policies will advance the interests of the United States of America, you will have no more enthusiastic supporters. Best wishes to you, Mr. President-elect, and to your wife and family.

Most of all, as we said when you received the Democratic Party's nomination, we are truly proud to live in a nation where Barack Obama can be elected President. Ironically, your election is the ultimate repudiation of the views of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the self-declared enemies of our nation. God Bless President-Elect Barack Obama! God Bless the United States of America!

Lowell adds: Amen!


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