Saturday, August 30, 2008

More on Sarah Palin: Authenticity

I really think Newt Gingrich is on to something here.

My wife and I (both products of Western public universities) were talking earlier about how normal Palin seems, how accessible to those who didn't graduate from Harvard or Princeton. I just looked at Palin's biography: She went to the University of Idaho.

Saith Newt:
Palin will make mistakes. The news media and the Obama researchers will find things to attack. But if she stays relaxed and continues to be authentically who she has been for 44 years, the country is going to love her, and they are very rapidly going to get disgusted with the cynical negative nastiness of politics as usual.
Those may be prophetic words, or Palin may be a bust. I suspect the former will turn out to be true. We'll see.


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