Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama Needs to Be Careful on the Gun Issue (but I hope he is not)

Now that the Suprme Court has struck down the D.C. handgun law, Obama certainly ought to fire the staff members that put his campaign in the position of having to say this:
The Obama campaign distanced itself Thursday from a statement made last year to the Chicago Tribune that "Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional." Spokesman Bill Burton said that the statement "was not worded as well as it could have been" and that Obama believes that generally the Constitution "doesn't prevent local and state governments from enacting their own gun laws."

My Obamaniac friends will probably try to pooh-pooh this issue, but fellas and gals, your candidate will keep shifting his positions at his peril.

Note to ardent Obama supporters who visit this blog: I have never owned a gun, nor am I a member of the NRA. I've never hunted in my life. I am not a "gun guy." So don't come after me. Instead, e-mail the Obama campaign and tell them Barack needs to stake out positions on the big issues and then live or die by those positions. As it stands, Obama has now changed position on almost every key issue in this election. That'll catch up to him sooner or later.


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