Monday, July 28, 2008

He Has Returned! Thank Obama, Obama Has Returned!

He has returned to us! Obama has returned to our shores, in triumph! Hosanna, in the highest, he has returned!

He has conquered Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, for verily, his oracle, the Los Angeles Times hath said so! He has brought peace to the Holy Land, for verily, his oracle, the New York Times Times hath said so! He even has conquered Europe, for verily, his oracles, NBC, CBS and ABC have said so! He now rules over an empire larger than that of Alexander or Caesar. What remains, but for him to ride his chariot down Pennsylvania Avenue in triumph, followed by his defeated enemies, bound in chains, McCain, Clinton, Bush and Cheney, who shall fall at his knees and beg in supplication for his mercy and forgiveness!

As for the question of his Vice Presidential nominee, why is one needed? Surely he is immortal and shall rule over us forever!

One would thank the gods, but that would be presumptuous, for he is very like a god himself. Therefore, let us only say, Thank Obama, Obama has returned!

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