Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Would Mitt Romney Bring to a McCain Ticket?

Over at the Article VI Blog, (Lowell's other blog, the one where he still posts), the hot topic is the buzz over Mitt Romney as a possible vice presidential nominee. Karl Rove suggested it, and Governor Romney has said he would consider it, but as far as I know it's all quiet on the Western Front, i.e., in Phoenix, Arizona where the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee resides.

Lowell and John at Article VI are considering questions relevant to the special nature of their blog, such as the debate over whether Romney is "too perfect" to attract voters (which Lowell finds especially interesting in light of New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation today following a prostitution scandal); and why so there has so far been so little discussion of Romney's Mormon religion in connection with a potential Vice Presidential nomination. (My answer: it's too early. Just wait until Mike Huckabee revs up his vice presidential nomination campaign.)

However, I would be very interested in hearing what our readers (or even Lowell, should he happen to phone home) think on the more conventional issue of vice presidential selection: From the perspective of pure electoral politics, what does Mitt Romney bring to the table? Is he the best choice in order for the Republicans to retain the White House? If not, who would be better?

One opening consideration must be the source of the recommendation, Karl Rove. If there is a more astute or accomplished American electoral strategist alive today, I do not know who it is. If Karl Rove thinks Mitt Romney would be an excellent choice, that is a very weighty opinion.


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