Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Palestinian Murderers "Escape" from PA Jail

The Hedgehog Blog began 2008 with the tragic story of the murder of two Israeli hikers in an ambush by gunmen from the "moderate" Fatah faction of Palestinian terrorism. One of the murderers of Ahikam Amihai and Yehuda Rubin (photo at right) was a Fatah member and a policeman in the Palestinian Security Force, while the other was a Fatah operative and a known associate of the Palestinian Intelligence Service. The murderers evaded Israeli security forces and turned themselve in to the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority refused an Israeli request to expedite the murderers, asserting the right to try the terrorists.

At the time, I predicted, "If the pattern of past events holds true, the terrorists will be convicted in a Palestinian Authority show trial, sentenced to prison terms, and then quietly released to assume hero status in the Palestinian 'moderate' community."

Well, surprise of surprises, the pattern of past events held true. Today Israel National News reports that the two terrorists had "escaped" a Palestinian Authority prison. Israeli security experts expressed doubts about the veracity of the escape story, which has been used repeatedly to cover the PA’s release of terrorists in its custody.


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