Sunday, November 04, 2007

Viking History Proves Global Warming Not All Bad

You could have read it in the Op-Ed column by Joe Queenan in this Sunday's Los Anglese Times, entitled "Climate Change Lessons From the Vikings". Or you might have read the essay by Daniel Botkin back on October 21 in the Opinion Journal, entitled "Global Warming Delusions." Both pieces, while conceding (as do most conservatives) that a global warming trend is occurring, challenge the doomsday scenarios pushed by Al Gore and the United Nations report on global climate change. But you could have read it first back on February 19, 2007 right here on the Hedgehog Blog [see "Ellen Goodman Compares Denial of Global Warming to Denial of the Holocaust"]. (Alright, I cited Mark Steyn in that column, but I was right behind him.) [See also, "Warming Trend Benefits Greenland," The Hedgehog Blog, October 29, 2007.]


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