Monday, October 22, 2007

Byron York Loves Rudy Giuliani?

I'm a Romney supporter, so of course I am going to be sensitive to perceived slights to my candidate. Even so, I am beginning to get the distinct impression that Mitt Romney is not Mr. York's cup of tea. Indeed, it seems that York's all but besotted with Rudy Giuliani.

For example, in this column York rhapsodizes about how well Giuliani did last week. As I note over at Article VI Blog, the first five paragraphs of the piece "are about Rudy; five more (including lengthy quotations) are on Huckabee; and one paragraph, at the end of the piece, grudgingly commends Romney for doing a "workmanlike" job in the debate Sunday night) Not one word about the evangelical endorsements."

York's free to write what he wants, of course, but I think his credibility as an analyst suffers when he does this.

To understand the significance of the endorsements Romney got from significant evangelical leaders, you'll have to go here. Again, I'm biased because that's my blog, but my co-blogger John Schroeder, understands the evangelical world and does an excellent job of putting the endorsers in context.


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