Thursday, October 11, 2007

And Now, the Hillary Clinton Spend-O-Meter!

Last night, at a dinner discussion with some fellow Jewish Republicans, we cautiously agreed that if the GOP does not retain the White House in 2008, then from a national security perspective, Hillary Clinton is probably the least objectionable of the three Democratic leading contenders for the Presidential nomination. "However," my friend David Wirtschafter warned me, "if she is elected, hold on to your wallet."

David's warning is substantiated by the Republican National Committee, which is tracking Hillary's new spending proposals. As of today, they top $724 Billion. Follow her progress at's Hillary Clinton Spend-o-Meter here. As RNC Chairman Mike Duncan asks, "Can she hit $1 trillion before Thanksgiving? Will she make it to the $2 trillion mark before the party conventions next summer?"


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