Friday, June 29, 2007

IDF Busts "Moderate" Fatah Bomb Lab in Nablus

Now that Gaza is Hamasistan, the United States State Department and the Olmert Government of Israel tell us that we must distinguish between the bad terrorists of Hamas and the "moderate" forces of Fatah, lead by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Occasionally, however, reality intrudes on these fantasies, and reveals the true face of Fatah. For example, YNet reports today that Israel Defense Force troops, in a large operation against terrorist infrastructure in Nablus, exposed a large explosives factory:
"Three prepared explosive devices, each weighing roughly five kilograms, were found in the laboratory, along with numerous weapons, magazines and materials used to manufacture bombs. ... Wednesday afternoon soldiers discovered another weapons cache containing a pipe bomb, a Kalashnikov rifle, a hand gun and two grenades. At another location in Nablus troops found an M-16 rifle and a telescopic sight. The weapons were confiscated and the grenades were detonated in controlled explosions."

Nablus is a city in the Shomron, the so-called West Bank, which still is under the control of Fatah, the "good" or "moderate" terrorists. It is the site of the Biblical city of Shechem.


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