Sunday, June 17, 2007

Arafat's Children

In one of many ironies of the mayhem in Gaza this past week, Hamas gunmen looted the home of the late and unlamented President of the Palestinian Authority and founder of Fatah, Yassir Arafat, may his name be erased. As reported by Israel National News, among the booty taken was his Nobel Peace Prize. The Hamas terrorist who currently has the Prize in his possession is certainly as equally deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize as was Arafat.

Which brings one around to the excellent op-ed piece in Saturday's Wall Street Journal online, entitled "Arafat's Children Gaza's mayhem is the bitter fruit of terror as statecraft. " Noting that, only too predictably, less than 24 hours elapsed before pundits began to blame the Hamas takeover of Gaza on Israel and the Bush Administration, the column suggests that blame might more appropriately be attributed to a 40-year history of the world treating Palestinian terrorism as a legitimate tool of statecraft.


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