Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tom and Jerry Enlist in the International Jewish Conspiracy

In this actual lecture, taped from Iranian television, translated and distributed with English subtitles by the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Iranian University Professor Hasan Bolkhari teaches that "the Jewish Walt Disney company" created Tom and Jerry as a public relations device, to improve the European image of Jews after World War II. The portrayal of the cute, clever mouse was intended to counteract the 19th century European portrayal of Jews as "dirty mice," which came about because the Jews were "in most cases" the "main power to hoard money and wealth." The Times Comment Editor Daniel Finkelstein, who posted the MEMRI video at TimesOnLine Comment Central, notes that at least two of his colleagues at The Times thought this film was a spoof. Tragically, this is what is actually taught in Iranian universities (and probably some American ones as well). "Another reason," quips Finkelstein, why I don't want Iran to get a nuclear bomb."


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