Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Does Yesterday's Debacle Help or Hurt Mitt Romney's Bid for the 2008 GOP Presidential Nomination?

I was taken aback this morning by this observation by the Mistress of Annika's Journal:
"I think yesterday eliminated four sure losers from running for the Republican nomination in '08. Santorum, Frist, Allen, and Romney. These guys all had their appeal for hopeful conservatives (maybe not Frist, who was an abysmal leader from the start), but none of them, in my view, had a snowball's chance against Hillary/Obama in today's environment. I'm glad they're off the table."
That took me sharply aback. I understood why Santorum, Frist, and Allen are toast, but why Romney? I therefore responded with a comment thusly:
"Ahnold's victory proves that the right GOP candidate can attract Democratic voters in Blue States. Massachusetts is the bluest of blue states, yet Mitt Romney is a popular GOP governor there. I think yesterday enhanced his chances of nomination."
Another Annika reader, Col. Steve, responded with this fact-driven explanation of why yesterday's election may have hurt Mitt Romney:
"Deval Patrick (who makes Mike Dukasis look like a centrist) won by a landslide over Romney's Lt-Governor. Given Massachusetts is already bluer than blue, the results reinforce the fact Romney has no coattails. He was elected in 2002 in the wake of 9/11 with less than 50% of the vote because of his outsider against the democratic Beacon Hill insiders image (and his opponent ran a terrible campaign). Note how the Rhode Island Republican Governor won re-election by touting his taking on the corrupt insiders image in spite of a democratic landslide (even the RHINO Lincoln Chaffee got booted by a guy who's only platform was Linc Chaffee = more George Bush friendly Senate). Romney = republican equivalent of nominating Mike Dukasis in 1988."
Annika, who is a libertarian on social issues (and perhaps a libertine as well) added that if Romney puts abortion and banning gay marriage on the front burner, he would certainly lose in a general election.

Readers who may want to read the entire set of comments on Annika's Journal should be forewarned that the site is unfettered, shall we say, in language and content.


Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Well, it's come down to it, we will only elect Dems that act like Repubs or Repubs that act like Dems. Bleck!!! I for one like radical leftists, they are fun to make fun of and I love my right wing radical loonies as well. Long live the far lefties and righties, without them the world would be a very boring place. 

Posted by Miss Carnivorous

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 7:32:00 PM  
Blogger George Berryman said...

I am starting to think that the only Republican we're liable to get elected in '08 at this point (and heck maybe for the next twenty years) is Giuliani. Which, if you're just worried about the war on terror, isn't bad. But if you're worried about the Supreme Court, which most of us are, then it's a bitter pill to swallow.  

Posted by George Berryman

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 8:54:00 PM  

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