Monday, November 06, 2006


(Note: The following are the views of Lowell and Sonja Brown, known by some as Mr. and Mrs. Hedgehog. Ralph Kostant, the Kosher Hedgehog, may be miguided enough to have different views. If so, he is welcome to insert them here, as long as he is polite about doing so.)

Generally, vote Republican in this election. But be sure to vote. In fact, read this piece by Jim Geraghty and then call every Republican you know, wherever they live, and get them to the polls to vote.

Another suggestion for Californians: Take a look at your property tax bill and then vote. Our own taxes have risen quite a bit this year, and after reviewing your own tax bill, you might think twice about voting for more.

Here are our suggestions for Tuesday’s election:



Arnold's the only choice.

Lt. Governor

Tom McClintock

Secretary of State

Bruce McPhereson


Tony Strickland


Claude Parrish

Attorney General

Chuck Poochigian

Insurance Commissioner

Steve Poizner

State Board of Equalization

Glen Forsch

(We know Glen Forsch personally. We think he is an intelligent and committed conservative Republican who will serve well on the Board of Equalization.)

U.S. Senator

Vote your conscience. We're voting for Dick Mountjoy. Dianne Feinstein will win, and as California Democrat U.S. Senators , Feinstein at least takes positions that argulably have a rational basis. It could be worse-- there could be two Barbara Boxers.

U.S. Representative - California District 27

Peter Hankwitz

State Senator

No recommendation here. No Republican is running.

Measures 1A-1E are being sold as a package, but they're not all equally worthy of support. Be careful!

1A Transportation Funding Protection

Yes. We think this will pass and pays for new lanes on the freeways. Prevents gasoline taxes from being used for anything but transportation.

1B Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality and Port Security Bond Act of 2006


1C Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund


1D Kindergarten-University Public Education

No. We have voted a FORTUNE in education bonds in the last four years.

1E Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention Bond Act


83 Sex Offender. Sexually Violent Predators Punishment

YES. Absolutely, positively vote yes.

84 Water Quality


85 Waiting Period and Parental Notification

Yes. Controversial issue. Overall, this is the best public policy. For those with children that seems obvious.

86 Tax on Cigarettes


Strapped hospitals and health care providers like this initiative because the money goes to health programs.

87 Alternative Energy

NO. NO. NO. A lot of money and a lot of ads are on TV supporting this initiative. As a rule of thumb, if Bill Clinton and Al Gore are both for it, you can guess that you are against it! This is an extraction tax to discourage oil drilling in California. It will make gas prices go up, it will not make us less dependent upon foreign oil, it will make us moreso. If energy experts want us to move to Ethanol, they should make it more available and give incentives to automakers to build Ethanol-fueled engines.

88 Education Funding

NO. $50 increase on your property taxes….again

89 Funding of Political Campaigns

This is an initiative you WANT to work, but won’t. Vote NO.

This particular initiative will truly favor Democrats, and hamper Republicans. It will also limit your ability to support the candidate of your choice.

90 Government Acquisition

YES. Limits the government’s eminent domain powers. The only reason to vote "no" on this one is if you thikn the government should be able to decide that it has a better private use in mind for your property.

H Affordable Housing General Obligation Bonds


J City of Los Angeles Fire Station Design


R City of Los Angeles Council Member Term Limits

YES. We like this one.


Both candidates for the Supreme Court are Republicans and are good. Vote for both.


Vote for all. They are incumbents, and have mostly been appointed by Republicans. Besides, there are no opponents anyway.

As you vote for any other judges in Superior Court or elsewhere, we recommend that you vote for the prosecutor over other candidates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes on 86????? C'mon Lowell. You can't be that silly. 86 is petty. It will create a huge black market. It taxes other tobacco - cigar and pipe - along with cigarettes, to the point of putting merchants out of business. If you think taxing legal businesses out of business is a smart public policy, vote for 86.  

Posted by Patrick

Monday, November 06, 2006 3:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lowell --

Gotta agree with Patrick on 86. Even Dennis Prager understands that the anti-smoking lobby has waged a war to demonize tobacco and the anti-scientific wave against second-hand smoke reminds of nothing as much as that promoting the psudo-science in support of Global Warming.

I don't smoke cigarettes (although my wife is a life-long smoker), but I do appreciate a fine cigar once in a blue moon. This is an unfair tax on a legal product. I can't wait for the wailing and gnashing of teeth when these zealots start going after non-tobacco pleasures and vices -- and you know they will! 

Posted by OkieBoy

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 9:34:00 AM  

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