Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Boston Globe Doesn't Seem to Like Mitt Romney

I don't live in Massachusetts, so I haven't followed the Globe's coverage of Governor Mitt Romney. I've heard reports that the Globe's biased against the Governor, and now I've seen some evidence, provided today by Scott Lehigh of the Globe. As I noted over at Article VI Blog:
[Lehigh's] op-ed piece today triumphantly refers to the Globe's articles of last week, which are full of unwarranted assumptions and unsupported conclusions, as if they were holy writ. Especially charming is Lehigh's reference to Romney as "Slick Willard." (Romney's first name is Willard.) Couldn't they at least come up with something original? Next thing you know they'll be calling him "Tricky Mitt." The Globe's animosity toward Romney is embarrassingly palpable.
The longstanding myth is that "great" newspapers don't behave that way. But they do. And any careful and relatively informed reader can see that the Globe's pieces on the Romney camp's supposed improper contacts with Romney's church represent an attempt to connect dots that are simply not there. The Globe's stubborn insistence on the validity of its story is remarkable, to say the least.

Perhaps the best approach to this travesty is to laugh at it, as Nutmeggers for Mitt did in a post entitled "Romney Camp Caught with Mormons!!! Scoop Inside:"
Apparently some of the Romney staffers visited Utah and met with a few high-ranking Mormon officials to discuss when the Mormon plan to take over the world, led by Romney, should commence.
I laugh out loud every time I read that one.


Anonymous BlueBuffoon said...

Predictably, the Utah media are jumping all over the Globe's story, but in the process shedding more light on what really happened than either the Globe knew or was willing to report, as well as some local takes on the "Mormon Question" and a Romney candidacy.

The Salt Lake Tribune this morning (front page, above the fold in the print edition) demonstrates the real source of the correction against the BYU Management School administrators who too eagerly jumped aboard promoter Don Stirling's effort. A print-edition caption to a graphic of the e-mail, which I didn't find at the on-line version, makes clear that a BYU Management alum sent his warning to BYU's General Counsel Office the day he got the e-mails, essentially derailing the Globe's that their article triggered the actions taken at BYU. Not surprisingly to this observer, the tone of the Tribune's coverage is not much different from the Globe's even while giving more facts and acknowledging the LDS Church's position.

The Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City) reports here and here, the latter reporting Senator Hatch's assertion, in comments to KSL_TV, that this as a "smear" attempt.

KSL-TV has more here, including Hatch's, and a local political pollster's, ruminations on the effect of polls showing voters unwilling to vote for a Mormon, and here.

The Salt Lake City Fox News affiliate uses the Globe story as the jump-off point for this video clip story, interviewing Utah Law professor, Ed Firmage, and local pollster, Dan Jones, on how they feel Romney's Mormonism will hurt his campaign for president.

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