Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Reuters Photographer Stages Rock Throwing Attack

In the wake of the scandal involving altered and staged photos published by Reuters during the recent Lebanese-Israeli conflict [see The Hedgehog Blog, here, here, here and here], Reuters is still being embarrassed by its Arab photographers and camera crews, who seem to view anti-Israel activities to be part and parcel of their journalistic role. Israel National News reports that a Reuters Arab cameraman has been arrested and remanded to prison until trial for fomenting rock-throwing attacks by Palestinian thugs against Israel security forces:
"The cameraman, Imad Muhammad Intisar Boghnat, was arrested and charged as a result of violent riots in the Arab village of Bil'in, in the Modi'in region, on October 6, 2006. A videotape that the prosecution presented to the judge shows Boghnat encouraging and directing rioters in Bil'in to throw large chunks of rock at Israeli vehicles in such a way as to cause maximum damage. The accused is heard shouting, 'Throw, throw!' and later, 'Throw towards the little window!'"

[Note: The photo above of a Palestinian throwing a large rock at an Israeli police officer was not taken at the incident in question.]


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