Friday, October 13, 2006

Note to our Readers

Lowell Brown, the Hedgehog, my senior blog partner and the founder of the Hedgehog Blog, has been in Hawaii this week. If asked, he no doubt would try to persuade the inquirer that he is laboring away there on some project involving his health law practice. Those of us who know him well, however, assume that he is either on one of his frequent vacations or else has arranged some boondoggle that permits him to deduct his travel expenses. In any event, he asked that in his absence I try to keep the blog full of new posts for our readers, and I hope that I have provided some interesting material this week. The Jewish holiday season culminates on Saturday and Sunday with the festivals of Shemini Atzeret (the 8th Day of Assembly) and Simchat Torah (the Rejoicing of the Torah), and on those days I will be feasting rather than blogging. Until next week then, when I and hopefully the Hedgehog as well return to duty, farewell, dear readers.

Lowell adds: Well, yes, I was in Hawaii, celebrating 25 years with Mrs. Hedgehog (who may not appreciate that appellation). I think Ralph has done an outstanding job of keeping the flag flying. Or the Hedghog burrowing. Or something like that.

By the way, if you've never been to Hawaii, as I had not until this trip, you must go. Find a way!


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