Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Quote of The Day: Juan Williams

"For anyone who wants to get out of poverty, the prescription is clear.

"Finish high school, at least. Wait until your 20’s before marrying, and wait until you’re married before having children. Once you’re in the work force, stay in: take any job, because building on the experience will prepare you for a better job. Any American who follows that prescription will be at almost no risk of falling into extreme poverty. Statistics show it."
--Juan Williams of National Public Radio, writing in the New York Times. (HT: Opinion Journal's Political Diary - a subscription service.)


Anonymous DL said...

Juan deserves a lot of credit for being openly concerned about his community and having the courage to say it - for there will be price to pay for truth and honesty, and he knows it.

I just hope someday that he can overcome his instituionalized liberalism enough to see that it was the liberalism of "the great society" that went too far in bringing down the black community, as so well documented by such notable Black writers as Tom Sowell and Walter Williams.

Who knows, someday they may have to replace him on Fox as the token liberal with someone like say, General Powell. 

Posted by DL

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 5:07:00 AM  

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