Friday, September 01, 2006

Krauthammer: Hezbollah Lost Big

Charles Krauthammer, who is much smarter than me and almost everybody that I know, is the latest pundit to opine, in his column in today's Washington Post, that Israel won and Hezbollah lost, both militarily and politically, in the recent Lebanon conflict. At this point, my friend Yossi's chances for winning his lunch bet with me, regarding the disarming of Hezbollah, are looking better. [See "Truce or Consequences," The Hedghog Blog, August 13, 2006.] As I have said from the beginning, this is a bet that I would be delighted to lose. On the other hand, I do not need to retract my criticisms of Ehud Olmert and my calls for his resignation, since even Mr. Krauthammer calls his wartime leadership "inept and indecisive." I can live with that.


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