Saturday, September 02, 2006

"The longest and most overdue" correction "in the history of journalism"

Fred Barnes has written a blistering piece, "The Plamegate Hall of Shame." I hope against hope that the outrage he expresses will be picked up in MSM outlets, but I am not optimistic. As Barnes notes:
[I]nstead of Cheney or Rove or Libby, the perennial targets of media wrath, the Plamegate Hall of Shame consists of favorites of the Washington elite and the mainstream press. The reaction, therefore, has been zero outrage and minimal coverage. The appropriate step for the press would be to investigate and then report in detail how it got the story so wrong, just as the New York Times and other media did when they reported incorrectly that WMD were in Saddam's arsenal in Iraq. Don't hold your breath for this.
More importantly, Patrick Fizgerald's inquiry should stop immediately and forever:
[Scooter]Libby's foggy memory was no worse than that of [Richard]Armitage, who forgot for two years to tell Fitzgerald he'd talked to the Post's Woodward but isn't being prosecuted. Last but not least, a few apologies are called for, notably by Powell and Armitage, but also by the press. A correction--perhaps the longest and most overdue in the history of journalism--is in order.
I am not holding my breath while I wait for that either.


Anonymous DL said...

This is just more of new twist on the old skunk game. It takes a second for a skunk to spoil you , but near forever to clean up the smell.

Plamegate has gone on forever and now has but a few seconds to acknowledge the truth that it was all lies by the accusors on the left! 

Posted by DL

Sunday, September 03, 2006 10:38:00 AM  

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