Friday, August 11, 2006

UN Agencies Brand Israel as Racist; An Israeli's Actions Refute the Lie

The newly created United Nations Human Rights Council has so far passed three resolutions aimed at the acts of a specific country. The subject of all three resolutions--Israel of course, the most recent condemning its actions in Lebanon. No other of the U.N.'s 119 member nations has been deemed worthy of the Council's disapproval.

Meanwhile, another U.N. committee, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, also is focused on Israel. Not on the facts that its citizens and its armed forces include whites, blacks, and Asians, Jews, Christians and Moslems. Rather, 15 years after repeal of the infamous General Assembly resolution equating Zionism with racism, the Committee is holding hearings on Israel's defensive war against Hezbollah! Brazilian expert Jos Augusto Lindgren Alves accused Israel of "blatant racism," which, he added, was "at the root of its disproportionality" in Lebanon. He asked if Israel "would react the same way to exterminate an entire population if Hizbullah launched the same attacks from a non-Arab country." [Of course, Israel has hardly acted to exerminate an entire population, in Lebanon or anywhere else. But facts are of little relevance in international diplomacy.] Jos Francisco Cali Tzay of Guatemala suggested that Israel's actions were close to "mass genocide." The South African, Patricia January-Bardhill, said that Israel's response reflected "institutionalized racism." Pakistani member Agha Shahi justified Hizbullah's attacks on Israel as an exercise of "the right of resistance against occupation." [Those with memories of more than one month may recall Hezbollah began the current hostilities with an unprovoked attack on Israel, across an international border, after the UN itself certified that Israel had withdrawn from every inch of Lebanon. No occupation is involved here. Ah, but once again I betray my petty obsession with truth.] Read more about it here.

My wife Laura, aka Mrs. Kosher Hedgehog, directed my attention to the perfect response to the UN's libels. Motti Taiman, an Israeli man, is the sole survivor of three brothers, the other two of whom were killed by a Hezbollah rocket last week. Taiman asked if his one of brother's eyes could be donated. As reported here by ABC News:

There was a long list of patients in need, including an Arab, Nikola Elias, who was blind in one eye and had lost nearly all his vision in the other eye.
Dr. Uri Rehany, an eye surgeon, said he was told by Motti Tamam to "go ahead" and use his brother's eyes to help the Arab man, as it would be a mitzvah, meaning a good deed.

Of course, Mrs. Hedgehog, those are just more tedious facts. How little you understand of international diplomacy!


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