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Now that the Daily Kos crowd has succeeded in knocking off Joe Lieberman (as least as the Democratic Senate nominee in Connecticut), and given its long-time preoccupation with conspiracies of the "neocons" [code word for Jews] to skew American policy in favor of Israel, it was probably only a matter of time before the Daily Kos came right out and called for elimination of the Jewish State. Drum roll please ...Today Hanyost at the Daily Kos comes out of the closet, so to speak:

"In my diary of yesterday, I proposed that our party support the creation of a single secular democracy in the area now controlled by Israel, and I was impressed by the quality of responses. Based on this tiny sample of 100 or so Democrats, I'm thinking that maybe the average Democratic voter might be open to taking a more impartial role in the Middle East - and thus making our country less of an object of hatred by Muslims everywhere.
"The most common objections to such a proposal is that the two sides hate each other too much to stop the killing and that outside forces, like the USA, cannot impose a solution.
However, I think that the US, as the prime, and virtually the only, supplier for the Israeli Defense Force for the past many decades has the capacity to force a settlement simply by cutting off that support."

So there it is. The pre-Oslo platform of the PLO ("a secular democratic state in all of Palestine") is now the platform of the Daily Kos. No matter that there is no state in the Arab world that is secular or democratic. Of course, what would really result is another Arab Islamic theocracy.

The argument shows the usual intellectual acumen of the swamp-gas intoxicated Left. "The most common objections to such a proposal is that the two sides hate each other too much to stop the killing." Does anyone really believe that Israelis hate the Arabs the way that the Paletinians and Hezbollah hate Israel? Does anyone really believe that if tomorrow the Arabs miraculously saw the light and forswore attacks on Israel, that the Israeli-Arab conflict would continue for even an hour longer?

And please note the Hanyost mechanism to reach his utopian ideal: deprive one side only, the Israelis, of the means for their self-defense. How convenient, how balanced, how inciteful. I am sure that Iranian President Ahmadinejad would heartily approve the sentiment.

If there are any Jews out there who love Israel and yet still believe that the Democratic Party is the true friend of Israel, please muster up what is left of your self-respect and recognize that the inmates are now officially in charge of the Democratic asylum. (HT: Little Green Footballs]


Blogger DavidD said...

Hmmm, somebody was looking for this one. I missed it myself. I was just looking at the horse race information at the daily kos about Congress. Then I was looking around about this "Islamic fascist" business Bush picked up from Sen. Santorum. They must mean "Islamic fundamentalist", only they don't want to say anything that close to Christian fundamentalism, so they say something that can mean anything, as long as it means "they're bad".

I'm over 50, and all my life people have said strange things about the Arab-Israeli wars. I don't see anyone imposing anything on anyone involved. Both sides would fight with rocks if need be. So give me a break about equating someone's wetdream with the inmates taking over the asylum. It's been nothing but inmates in charge of both parties for quite a few years. 

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Thursday, August 10, 2006 6:35:00 PM  

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