Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Does Ahmadinejad Have Fans on The Left?

My post below brought a comment from Scott, who says I am making a "broad generalization" by referring to Amadinejad's "fans on the left," and that I am referring to "one dumb comment in a 70+ comment thread by one person on one web site."

Well. Here are a few more dumb comments from the same Daily Kos thread:
1. "I'd stick Ahmadinejad and Bush in a room with a bag of rabid rats and see who could last the longest. One is as bad as the other."
Well, not a fan comment, but an interesting moral equivalency argument: Bush and Ahmadinejad-- the same!
2. "On the other hand, we have been spoon fed a lot of information about him from BushCo that for the average person affects how they view Iranian people in general. Wallace's take on him gives us more information about how a guy like him could come to power for one thing. Based on what I'm seeing, he is a pretty smart guy in reading Bush's motivations for screwing around with his country. He is crazier than I'd like, but he is a product of Bush's militaristic policies. Iran was all set to become more moderate before we invaded Iraq."
OK, not a fan-like statement, but it does clarifies the matter: It's all Bush's fault.
3. "Ask them if they are or not. I'm fairly certain they're still proud of 'zionism.' I think in the US we're not taught about that in school, so we have a tendency to believe Zionism is some made up conspiracy by people who dislike/hate Jewish people. Just like we believe all Jewish people support Israel.

"Anyway, as far that comment quoted, I would hardly call Ahmadinejad Hitler. Iran has a huge Jewish population and members in the Iranian parliament. Not that Iran is a perfectly equal society of course, but it's absurd to suggest they're wiping out Jewish people over there. When we hear Ahmadinejad speak, it's important to note he's anti-Israel, not anti-Jewish."
Oh-oh, now we're getting close to admiration, or at least, rationalization.
4. "I would say that he is anti-Zionist not anti-Israel in general. At least he has said so much. He did make a very inflammatory comment about Israel needing to be 'wiped off the map' but came back the next day and explained that he only has a problem with the Zionists, and not all of Israel.

"I agree with you that he is definitely not like Hitler."
Oh dear, more rationalization and defense.

Sorry, Scott, those may not be the words of fans, but they are the words of morally blind people.


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